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di Tota

SSDI — di Tota, Ditoto

The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is a valuable source of information for those conducting family history research in the United States. Where a death occurred after 1960, it is likely (but not an absolute) that the individual will appear in the Death Master File of the Social Security Administration. It is possible, but uncommon for deaths prior to 1960 to appear in this file.

This page includes the following spellings: Di Toto, Di Tota, Ditoto, Ditota, Ditotto, De Toto, and Detotto. Other variants also exist, but at this point are not included in these results.

Name of Person Birth Date Death Date Last Known Residence
Surname: Di Toto
Norean Di Toto03 Mar 195710 Feb 2002Hartwick, Otsego, New York
Surname: Di Tota
Alfred Di Tota23 Aug 190901 Sep 1980New York, New York, New York
Surname: Ditoto
Adolph Ditoto15 May 190827 Jul 1990Arlington, Arlington, Virginia
Anthony A. Ditoto10 Jun 192523 Dec 2004Pahrump, Nye, Nevada
Anthony Ditoto17 Jan 189201 Apr 1975Washington, D.C., District of Columbia
Catherine Ditoto01 Aug 192201 Oct 1971.
Domenico Ditoto19 May 188401 Nov 1964Connecticut
Edward E. Ditoto25 Feb 191930 Aug 1994Rockville, Montgomery, Maryland
Emil Ditoto17 Jun 189401 Mar 1982Orlando, Orange, Florida
Emil R. Ditoto02 Nov 192518 Nov 2005College Park, Prince Georges, Maryland
Felice Ditoto18 Jul 188201 Jul 1970North Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey
Gloria Ditoto12 Jan 193601 Apr 1976.
John F. Ditoto17 Mar 191308 Sep 1999Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Joseph Ditoto16 Dec 193001 Aug 1985.
Joseph Ditoto17 Oct 189914 Aug 1988Clinton, Prince Georges, Maryland
June R. Ditoto02 Jul 193629 Aug 1996Pahrump, Nye, Nevada
Letizia Ditoto23 Sep 190526 Aug 1994Clinton, Prince Georges, Maryland
M. A. Ditoto08 May 196401 Sep 1989.
Margaret E. Ditoto05 Jan 191519 Oct 1998.
Mary L. Ditoto18 Sep 192912 Jan 2006California, Saint Marys, Maryland
Mary E. Ditoto13 Jun 190913 Mar 2004Temple Hills, Prince Georges, Maryland
Mike Ditoto18 Nov 193319 Aug 2002District Heights, Prince Georges, Maryland
Paul Ditoto19 May 190630 Jan 1993Temple Hills, Prince Georges, Maryland
Vincent Ditoto05 Apr 189001 May 1963District of Columbia
Surname: Ditota
Albina Ditota17 May 188101 Aug 1973New York, New York, New York
Alfonso Ditota02 Aug 190101 Sep 1978Jamaica, Queens, New York
Anita Ditota25 May 191415 Mar 1989Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Anthony L. Ditota05 Mar 191725 Dec 1995New York, New York, New York
Armond Ditota14 Oct 191722 Oct 1996Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Blase Ditota11 Aug 189401 Dec 1962.
Donald M. Ditota29 Jul 195831 Oct 2002Wolcott, New Haven, Connecticut
Elizabeth Ditota08 Dec 189301 Nov 1986Cheshire, New Haven, Connecticut
Filomena Ditota25 Oct 189201 Sep 1983Staten Island, Richmond, New York
Frances Ditota04 Jul 190712 Apr 2001Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Grace Ditota06 Aug 194009 May 2002.
Isabella Ditota17 Jan 191001 Apr 1987Endicott, Broome, New York
Isabella Ditota17 Jan 191001 Apr 1987Sayre, Bradford, Pennsylvania
James Ditota01 May 189601 Aug 1975Syracuse, Onondaga, New York
James A. Ditota01 May 189603 Jun 1992Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
John M. Ditota19 Oct 191703 Sep 2003Marlboro, Monmouth, New Jersey
Joseph Ditota28 Mar 191919 Feb 2005Syracuse, Onondaga, New York
Lori A. Ditota04 May 196110 May 2001Port Charlotte, Charlotte, Florida
Louis A. Ditota06 Nov 190922 Oct 1990Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland
Margaret Ditota10 Feb 190610 Feb 1906Flushing, Queens, New York
Mario Ditota31 May 189201 Sep 1983.
Martin Ditota24 Sep 191401 May 1979Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Mary E. Ditota04 Feb 190509 Jun 1988.
Michael Ditota21 Jun 191101 Apr 1980Endicott, Broome, New York
Minnie M. Ditota21 Apr 192227 Mar 1994Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Nicola Ditota14 Dec 188901 Apr 1963.
Ralph M. Ditota08 Jul 193615 Apr 1989.
Ralph Ditota02 Feb 188601 Oct 1967Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Robert Ditota07 Nov 194907 Oct 1997.
Rose Ditota19 Oct 187901 May 1980Endicott, Broome, New York
Rose A. Ditota17 May 191618 Jun 2006Marlboro, Monmouth, New Jersey
S. Nicholas Ditota04 Jul 191830 Jan 2003Livermore, Alameda, California
Salvatore Ditota12 Jan 193020 May 2005Flushing, Queens, New York
Teresa Ditota01 Oct 188501 Oct 1969Santa Ana, Orange, California
Surname: Ditotto
Catherine C. Ditotto13 Jul 191129 Nov 1992Stephenson, Frederick, Virginia
Paul Ditotto21 Jan 193201 Jan 1977.
Surname: De Toto
Jennie De Toto19 Feb 1912Jul 1986West New York, Hudson, New Jersey
Surname: Detoto
Allesandri Detoto06 May 1887Nov 1983Cliffside Park, Bergen, New Jersey
Joseph Detoto30 Apr 191527 Jun 2002Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland
Libero Detoto02 Jul 191601 Dec 1990Toledo, Lucas, Ohio
Marie Detoto11 Dec 1910May 1981Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Mary A. Detoto09 Feb 1916Dec 1995Cliffside Park, Bergen, New Jersey
Richard Detoto24 Feb 191420 Sep 1997Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida
Salvatore J. Detoto01 Nov 191812 Jul 1991Cliffside Park, Bergen, New Jersey
William Detoto01 May 1906Apr 1983Chesapeake Beach, Calvert, Maryland

We will attempt to update this page as often as possible as new entries appear in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). Note that some dates that indicate the first of a month (e.g. - 01 Dec 1987) may be incorrect and may simply indicate that the month was December 1987 with the exact day of the month either not reported or not known for certain. If you see something incorrect and have verification for an exact date, please contact us.

You can search the Social Security Death Index online for free using several Web sites. The easiest way is to use the SSDI One Step Search Form by Stephen Morse. Note that results will vary from site to site as some apply updates more regularly than others.

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